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Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Prior to 2019, I hadn't started my plant medicine journey and was ignorant to the mingling between earthly and the galactics. The idea of fulfilling the request of an Amazonian (princess) plant spirit by the name of Ayahuasca, would of NEVER been something I would consider. Jesus would have to fly down from the sky, on a unicorn and hand me a golden goose egg blessed by aliens- before I would ever believe any of it. Though that was then. Now that I've seen far too much and know way more than the average seemingly obnoxious idea doesn't seem like a far fetched idea anymore.

The year was 2020 and it was a cool February day in the desert.

Ayahuasca had summoned me to my second ceremony and it was nothing I could of anticipated. What were these 'dmt' visions that were being fed to me? Could I trust them? How much of it was real? Yet if reality was dependent on how we perceived life with our general human senses- then could we justify that what occurred in dreams were also a reality, if they 'felt' real enough?

All these ideas were being mulled over and over in my head the morning after ceremony. There was just far too much concepts and revelations being introduced. And yet- none of it felt unfamiliar or alien to me. Scratch that- it did feel 'alien' to me. But not 'foreign'. I mean, not to my soul at least. However while everyone else was receiving messages pertaining to their human life concerns, I had a billion and one things that I was certain had way more to do with 'divine service' than the avatar I was occupying.

During one of the lulls between the energy rides, I share an intimate moment with sister Ayahuasca. She suddenly approaches me quietly and starts to set up a camera tripod at the foot of my mattress pad. I'm half annoyed and amused. "You are one sick woman," I telepathically her as I look up from the floor like a sprawled dried mermaid. She silently continued to mind her own. My sarcasm completely rolling off her back like the next 'ego'-centric individual complaining. I had just completed the first round of energetic shamanistic ceremony and was told that I was being initiated into my priestess-hood.

When Aya had arrived in my dream months prior, she did not disclose it would be like this. It wasn't anything that human-me was expecting. Yet somehow my higher-self and my soul knew very well why I was summoned here. Why even though my mind was struggling to ride the wave, the body knew exactly what to do. Every movement, every entity, every occurrence that happened tonight had significance. I knew I wasn't creating any of this stuff up. Nor did it feel like past regression work. It quickly became very apparent that I was here to serve for a much greater purpose.

"I want you to speak for me," she began to communicate gently. "I need you to tell the story of what I can do. Of what can be accomplished through my body. Share my body and tell a new narrative."

Her request however inspired every plant medicine spirit imaginable to plow their way into my psyche to put in their own enthusiastic request. Many which I did not recognize the energetic signature of nor could I even begin to comprehend how to search for in the physical realm. Distinctly a plant medicine by the name of Iboga stepped forward with much firmness. He requested that I relayed a message to one of the attendees of the ceremonial event. Oh how that has launched many things for that individual, that day onward.

Yet for me, despite the request being sincere- I had no real interest in finding myself in the realm of psychedelics. Though if you are a seeker and have fallen upon this page, I must forewarn you that you if you have not tried but are interested in psychedelics- the rabbit hole is deep and I knew of this before even agreeing to do anything I was about to do next...Please approach with utmost care and discernment.

Eventually months progressed and I had several psychedelic ceremonies following. It became very apparent to me that I wasn't going to be able to deny what was occurring in my reality. I couldn't tell the validity of my physical life and the one I was underlyingly feeling internally. Somehow there was more truth to how I felt in plant medicine ceremonies versus the façade I was trying to upkeep at my conventional life. One thing led to the other and I finally decided that I must fulfill the request of the divine feminine spirit. I cannot do otherwise.

I'm here Aya and I hope that I can best serve you well sister.

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