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What does it mean to be a 'Portal'?

I didn't think that being a portal was a 'thing', until I recently heard it proclaimed as an occupation by Matias De Stefano in one of Aubrey Marcus' podcasts. Surprisingly this affirmed what shrooms were suggesting to me months earlier as a path of service. To be a 'portal'.

In my very first ceremony, they showed how it was to be a matrix master. (Essentially they used bank heists as an example- but shrooms were just being 'playful and provocative'.) I was shown walking into rooms and invisible waves would radiate off my body, distorting the energy around me. People would get sick or feel deeply emotional. The energetic signature could either cause full surrender or compel true authenticity from the other party. It was the essence of being a walking-talking 'red pill' and something they knew I could effectively do.

Now I'm not too sure about the 'getting sick' part, but I could agree that when a new concept is being introduced to an expanding mind- it can either cause pain or pleasure to the brain. This can directly be related to the brain's capability to either accept or reject information. If there is no resistance, the brain can retain the new information and expand its awareness. If there is resistance to the information, it can be due to the concept being contradictory to original beliefs retained in the brain. Or that the brain does not have the capacity to make sense of the information and therefore it does not retain as valuable information.

It only finally occurred to me that I have am a very affective 'portal'. Not that this is a specialty that only 'I' have- but I've noticed Spirit sending me off to certain environments to help hold vibrational elevation. That isn't to say that I'm this awesome enlightened being and now I just go around 'gracing' people with my presence. But I have noticed with my own experience, that as I go through my own spiritual transformation, this process in turn has affected others around me to force their own evolution.

One time in Sedona, I found myself at a creek speaking with Jesus. He gave me the passage John 6:18, and told me about being a 'bringer of storms' and that like him, I too was a portal. Sure the passage is simply just about the weather, but Jesus' message to me was to accept what I am compelled to be. What service I am being brought to do. I am to bring storms to others where it is barren. I am to inspire life, love and renewal in places that seeking to be satiated. He reminded me of how I often found myself in situations that were temporary. Often times I would be in relationships or commitments that had expiration dates- and that I always was aware of these things, but simply was in denial. This is not by mistake but divine design. We are vibrational matches to certain circumstances because we are meant to learn something there. As soon as we complete this 'task' or 'experience', we move on. So a portal's true ability is to be a phoenix and fertilize the area for seeds to grow.

This became very apparent to me the first week I arrived to Arizona and they had the biggest monsoon rainfall in five years. Apparently it was so wet, the bufo alvarius toad came out of the wood works for days. There was a local news post to warn civilians to avoid them as touching them would be 'dangerous'. I sometimes wish I had a bigger appreciation for such an occurrence (that rain had fallen in the desert several times during my stay there, which was a very rare miracle) I would had then documented more of nature's beauty.

All in all, I've learned the power of vibration and that you can effect people by just 'be-ing' who you are. You can also notice this ability by observing who actually ends up in your environment to interact with. There are no coincidences and there is always reason to why you are a vibrational match to someone and interact with them. We are where we need be and that is god's will.

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