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Your Online Avatar Ascension Guide


is a play
on the idea of multi-dimensionality
the ability to heal throughout
all space


A 'higher' way t
o heal.


          My intention is to take you on the ride of my own spiritual ascension.  May it be through you observing my personal experiences through the videos, learning from my online courses or the value you receive from my services- I hope to provide opportunity for your own narrative to blossom. I do not claim to know EXACTLY what you need to succeed.  But what I do know for sure is- our only requirement in life is to find what best resonates with us presently.  Within us, we already have all the answers.  But in TIME it will be revealed.  We already know what we need to do and BE in this life.  Despite we may or may not meet all of our spiritual ascension fantasies or expectations- life will unravel if we choose.  This can arrive as miracles if it is allow to.  If you have found yourself here, there is choice to learn and to move on- it is all up to you.  I will not be your only teacher/guide and you will not stay as just a student.  I aspire to share knowledge so that others can live, learn and teach.  One day you too will inspire others with your own story by 'be-ing' your own truth.  

          So today, begin to HEAL thyself. No one is here to 'save' you but 'YOU'.  You are the hero of your own journey.  Claim full responsibility and face your fears.  Surrender to your unique blueprint and discover what will bring you your greatest JOY in this existence.  Begin to listening to the small bio-feed back within yourself that is asking YOU to wake. 

Choose to Ascend.

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