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I Wasn't Happy...

          For as long as I could remember- I was numb.  I cannot pinpoint when I first realized the hostility of my environment but at an early age I was unexplainably angry, desensitized and inauthentic.  Quickly I learned to be a liar and cheat and knew how to avoid any real form of intimacy or connection.  It was empowering at first- I was "strong" and I knew how to survive.  My life was an accumulation of cultivating coping mechanisms that got me through the hardships of my heavily dense (lower vibration) reality.  I figured, if life gave you lemons...then god-damnit I was going to eat lemons for the rest of my life and I like it!  So then continued my self-righteous path towards personal preservation.

          However one "Dark Night of the Soul" after the other finally exhausted me.  Was God really punishing me?  It wasn't just one bad date with destiny- it was a plethora of disappointments that made me grow harder and colder.  From being sexually molested as a child to my parents having a combustive divorce, to dropping out of college, to not being valued at any job, to my endless date ghosting me (again) to my childhood friends  of 15 years never seeing the real me broke me...  "Fulfillment" I realized, couldn't be satiated with a belly full of sour lemons.  That's when something miraculous happened.  I.Woke.Up.


          It wasn't until the year of 2016 when my grandmother passed that I started to question my personal purpose.  My grandmother was a community healer, a powerful shaman and matriarch of our family system.  I had always admired her authority, despite her aloofness that made it hard to get close.  She seemed untouchable to me yet intuitively something kept nudging me towards exploring these feelings.  Everything I understood about traditional methods of directing oneself seemed to have been exhausted.  It led me to wonder if maybe welcoming spirituality into my life could possibly change things.  By then LOA had already been slowly changing my mindset for the past two years.  What could I lose?  Shortly after my grandmother had made her transition, I erected an ancestral altar for her. 


          Instantly my curiosity led me from animism to witchcraft, to new age spirituality and galactic wisdom...  I learned to cultivate compassion and forgiveness from many resources like Berne Brown, Oneness and The Sophia Code.  I found myself gracefully delivered to the foot of Sacred Plant Medicine and worked intimately with Ayahuasca for more than a full year.  Now I have participated in more than 50+ sacred medicine ceremonies including:  Psilocybin, Kambo, Cacao, Blue lotus, Rapeh, Cannabis, Iboga, Ayahuasca...


          Surely everything finally brought me to the conclusion that living a fulfilling life meant having a life in co-creation with Spirit.  That cultivating the abilities that our human bodies (avatar) posses meant returning to the original bio-condition of our humanness.  May it be psychic, quantum or sentient...these are all part of the physical avatar experience.  Quantum Healing became a natural transition to all my spiritual endeavors.


My work currently continues to unfold


           I am passionate and driven to utilize energy medicine as a form of holistic and alternative healing.  After my time with psychedelics and quantum healing, I recognized that my deep depression did not begin at the birth of this life but as a result from an accumulation of many ancestral pain and trapped past-life emotion.  Can you image?  Over lifetimes you grew to learn more of yourself through millennia of events and as an ancestor you called upon YOURSELF to be born to master all that has been experienced? 


           As I have awoken to my path as a Lightworker and Starseed activator- I am passionate about assisting the incarnates that are ready to heal trauma, release trapped emotions and install new understanding and belief in oneself.  By purifying your body of deeply locked blockages, you release density from within the body preventing you from walking the destined path you are meant to take.  Connect to your physical avatar now and revive it's organic natural psychic, quantum and sentient abilities.  I invite you to make the decision to alchemize your life.  Increase your unlimited potential now, today, here... 


Welcome to the acceleration of your ascension growth.


is  a play on words describing your multidimensional ability to heal
throughout all space and time.

A 'higher' way to heal.



  • Quantum Healing certification | Sohma Life

  • Dove Oracle Priestess Training Level 1 | Seven Sisters Mystery School

  • 50+ various sacred plant medicine ceremonial experience

  • Ayahuasca mentorship | K.C.

Courses/Workshops taken:  

  • Sacred Feminine Plant Medicine Oracle Academy 1 | Seven Sisters Mystery School

  • Fundamentals of Traditional Hmong Beliefs and Custom | Tou Ger Lor (Hey Billy)

  • The Multiverse | Tom Keynon

  • Own Your Value | Lee Harris Energy

Wisdom from books:  

  • Preparing For Contact, A Metamorphosis of Consciousness | Lyssa Royal & Keith Priest

  • The Arcturian Anthology | Tom Kenyon & Judi Sion

  • The Children of The Law of One & The Lost Teachings of Atlantis | Jon Peniel

  • The Gifts of Imperfection | Brene Brown

  • The Golden Lake, Wisdom from the Stars for Life on Earth | Lyssa Royal-Holt

  • The Hathor Material, Messages from an Ascended Civilization | Tom Keynon

  • The Medicine Way | Kenneth Meadows

  • The Sophia Code | Kaia Ra

  • Oneness | Rasha

  • Why People Don't Heal and How They Can | Caroline Myss, PH.D

  • You Can Heal Your Life | Louise L. Hay

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