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Session Description:

This is a bespoke ascension training program that utilizes QUANTUM journeying to powerfully accelerate your ascension growth. You will receive THREE SEPERATE SESSIONS- preferably situated once per week (or once per day in the same week, depending on availability) to best achieve full integration and psychic enhancement. Each session will build upon the next, preparing you to shift great blockages by the end of the program. You will become intimate and vulnerable with your physical avatar and subconscious narrative of who you are. By going into deep alpha/theta brainwave state- you are able to connect and access the supernatural part of your quantum ability. To activate your sovereignty, you are to consciously face your shadow, your victim narrative and summon your strength (with the help of other aspects of yourself) in an energetic 5D ceremony to powerfully create breakthrough. Each program is personalized, offering ascension coaching and energetic clearings that best address your goals. All guidance offered will be based on spiritual inspiration, emotional/energetic insight and interactive conversation. --> GO AHEAD AND BOOK YOUR FIRST SESSION. <-- Then at your first session we will book the next two appointments. (BEST to situate sessions at least 24hrs from each other to allow physical integration. Receiving an energy session once per month for three months is available but not suggested. Through psychic insight and coaching, we can evaluate what is best needed for your ascension growth.) ***Disclaimer*** In active meditation, you will claim 100% responsibility for your healing. In some cases these healing sessions can often be uncomfortable, as memories/emotions will resurface for the client to experience as they arise. This is crucial as it must be acknowledged to be shifted. It is encouraged that once you book this appointment you are willing, open and surrendered to be vulnerable. Of course there is free-will as well, and whatever you are not ready to address is your choice. I am your loving and compassionate guide. We will only venture as far as you are willing to. This is not a psychic reading.

  • 1 hour
  • Online

Cancellation Policy

We understand life can be unexpected. Please notify us as soon as possible of any changes and we will reschedule your session promptly. Thank you very much!

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