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Session Description:

This is a combination service that offers 'sacred plant medicine specific' counseling, an energetic clearing and quantum journeying. This is to offer opportunity for the client to discuss any internal (resolved or unresolved) conversation which had occurred at a prior sacred plant medicine ceremony and wishes to receive productive processing/ spiritual message deciphering. After coaching, you will be guided through an active meditative exercise to go deep within your subconscious and quantum journey into the self. Here you will receive any knowledge that is ready to be delivered. This guidance can come from your higher-self, divine guides or other aspects of you on other timelines/existences. Based on what blocked energy arise, you may encounter past memories or visions that need to be 're-experienced', to which are key to escalating your ascension. (You do not need to have participated in a sacred plant medicine ceremony to purchase this service. This is also ideal for those who are seeking guidance in preparation for a sacred plant medicine ceremony. All guidance offered in this session will be based on spiritual inspiration, emotional/energetic insight and interactive conversation.) This is a fully intuitive process and based on spiritual inspiration, emotional/energetic insight and integrative conversation. All channeled material will not offer predictive information. Nor is this a psychic reading. ***Disclaimer*** In active meditation, you will claim 100% responsibility for your healing. In some cases these healing sessions can often be uncomfortable, as memories/emotions will resurface for the client to experience as they arise. This is crucial as it must be acknowledged to be shifted. It is encouraged that once you book this appointment you are willing, open and surrendered to be vulnerable. Of course there is free-will as well, and whatever you are not ready to address is your choice. I am your loving and compassionate guide. We will only venture as far as you are willing to. (THIS IS NOT AN ONLINE SACRED-PLANT MEDICINE CEREMONY. This session does not conduct, facilitate nor offer any post-medicinal product or service. This session does not offer certified health care advice nor does it replace your primary care protocols. Please seek a certified healthcare professional for any medical emergency circumstances. Thank you.)

  • 2 hours
  • 220 US dollars
  • Video conferencing

Cancellation Policy

We understand life can be unexpected. Please notify us as soon as possible of any changes and we will reschedule your session promptly. Thank you very much!

Contact Details

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