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Session Description:

All human beings are psychic. Yet over our infinite soul existence, we my have forgotten this brilliance. In many cases, as a form of protection, we have powerfully blocked our psychic abilities due to traumatic past life experiences. Some experiences can be rooted from the past in this life or past lives in other existences. (ie: starseed, ancestral, dragon, angelic, elemental spirit...) This is an ability as god-creators we can choose to impose on ourselves. Which also results that we can undo these personal restraints! In this quantum healing session, we will hold energetic 5D ceremonial space for the body to activate its natural psychic abilities. Your physical body is placed in a relaxed alpha/theta state and your subconscious mind is accessed. Here you are able to activate the channel(s) of your quantum being-ness. With your conscious intention gently directed through my channeled coaching/guidance- you can remove personal blocks and process stagnancy by emotionally experiencing memory recall. You are a creator of your own reality and can summon your own healing to occur. This exercise will mainly focus on the 4 main psychic clairs and will take into evaluation of where they are on a scale: clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience or clairaudience. We will choose which clair is ready for processing (individually or collectively) and it will be reawakened to the next level of what is most suitable at this time. This is also a fully intuitive and empathic process, therefore all inspired guidance will come from internal intelligence and spiritual insight. This will not have a coaching portion to the session. ***Disclaimer*** In active meditation, you will claim 100% responsibility for your healing. In some cases these healing sessions can often be uncomfortable, as memories/emotions will resurface for the client to experience as they arise. This is crucial as it must be acknowledged to be shifted. It is encouraged that once you book this appointment you are willing, open and surrendered to be vulnerable. Of course there is free-will as well, and whatever you are not ready to address is your choice. I am your loving and compassionate guide. We will only venture as far as you are willing to.

  • 1 hour
  • 110 US dollars
  • Video conferencing

Cancellation Policy

We understand life can be unexpected. Please notify us as soon as possible of any changes and we will reschedule your session promptly. Thank you very much!

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