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Session Description:

Have you started your SPIRITUAL JOURNEY and would like someone to talk to work through your blockages? Have you started a path of sacred plant medicine and seek integration? Or are you interested in spiritual coaching to boost ascension growth? In this "counseling-only" service, you will be held in sacred space to freely express your truth and dive into the inner wisdom that needs to be brought into the forefront. We will discuss any internal conversation which you seek deeper reflection on. You are welcomed to address any questions pertaining to different spiritual modalities, practices or concerns on your path. All guidance offered in session will be based on spiritual inspiration, emotional intuition, energetic insight and interactive conversation. This is an empathic interaction. I will link up to you to intuitively read your energy and channel communication that are possible stress points. This is not a passive therapy session. The conversation in this session is meant to target focus on your concern(s) and offer you possible solutions, insight for productivity and how to direct your intentions to truly face your blockages. With clarity we will install new mindset affirmations that align to your goals. (Note: This is not a psychic reading nor does this session offer life event predictions.) ***This session does not include an energic quantum healing session.*** Examples of TOPICS OF CONCERN can be as follows: -Dream interpretation/ Spiritual synchronicities and messages -Lightworker/Healer counseling, networking, resources -Sacred Plant Medicine integration, facilitation advice and/or usage -Empaths/Sensitives advice to increase gifts -Ascension decoding (elevating perspective on your current 3D experience) (This session will not offer professional medical advice. Please contact your healthcare provider pertaining to any serious/emergency health concerns. All guidance provided in this session does not replace the client's personal health maintenance or what has been suggested by their primary care doctor. Thank you.)

  • 1 hour
  • 77.77 US dollars
  • Video conferencing

Cancellation Policy

We understand life can be unexpected. Please notify us as soon as possible of any changes and we will reschedule your session promptly. Thank you very much!

Contact Details

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