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Avatar Ascension Guidance
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Collective Portal Work

Hours in and Ayahuasca sets up a camera tripod at the foot of my mattress pad.  I'm half annoyed and amused.  "You are one sick woman," I telepathically her as I look up from the floor like a sprawled dried up mermaid.  She silently continued to mind her own.  My sarcasm completely rolling off her back like the next 'ego'-centric individual complaining.  I had just completed the first round of energetic shamanistic ceremony and was exhausted.  But the night was young and much more was to come.  I was being initiated back into my rites of priestess-hood. 


When Aya had arrived in my dream months prior, she did not disclose it would be like this.  It wasn't anything human-me was expecting.  Yet somehow my higher-self and my soul knew very well why I was summoned here. Why even though my mind was struggling to ride the wave, the body knew exactly what to do.  Everything had significance.  I couldn't make this stuff up.  It quickly became very apparent to me that I was here to serve for a much greater purpose.


"I want you to speak for me," she began to communicate gently. "I need you to tell the story of what I can do...of what can be accomplished through my body. Share my body and tell a new narrative to the world."

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